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Georgia commercial real estate attorneys focusing on landlord-tenant law for 32 years.

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Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Serve Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Colorado Landlords

Lawyers offer experienced advocacy in commercial property disputes

For 35 years, Wiles & Wiles, LLP has been the Metro Atlanta law firm for commercial landlords. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators and litigators who counsel commercial landlords throughout Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas and Colorado about preparation and negotiation of leases and related documents, variances, lease enforcement, tenant bankruptcy and other real estate issues such as defense of Mechanic’s Liens’ cases and drafting of construction contracts.

Our legal team is widely respected

Commercial landlords know they can rely on the seasoned attorneys at Wiles & Wiles, LLP to resolve their legal issues. Since the founding of our firm in 1988, our lawyers have developed a reputation for:

  • Knowledge — The community considers Wiles & Wiles, LLP an authority on the law of commercial Landlord and Tenant issues. The firm’s Managing Partner, Attorney John Wiles, frequently lectures at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Law Conference, and also lectures other Continuing Legal Education Courses. He has served in the Georgia House of Representatives and the Georgia Senate, where he helped pass many significant pieces of legislation. Janel Wiles has concentrated in lease negotiation and drafting for over thirty years. Jack Cotney is a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience. All of our attorneys are active in ICSC, the International Council of Shopping Centers. Ryan Robinson has a vast amount of experience handling commercial and residential construction litigation.  Caleb Swiney has handled Landlord claims in nearly all of the major retail bankruptcies that occurred in the wake of the pandemic.  Andrew Wiles spent 7 years working at FINRA in Washington, DC.  Andrew now focuses his practice on lease negotiations and litigation matters.
  • Responsiveness— We pride ourselves on our turnaround time, which is usually a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks or months. Our attorneys return every phone call promptly and provide clients with copies of all correspondence and important documents.
  • Breadth— We practice in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Colorado. John Wiles, the Managing Partner, is licensed in those five states, and Janel Wiles is licensed in Georgia, Florida, and Colorado. This allows the firm to better serve multi-state commercial landlords.
  • Teamwork— The attorneys at our firm have worked together for many years. Everyone knows the status of every case, so any attorney can assist any client at any time. We are a team dedicated to collectively solving problems.
  • Candor— Our clients count on us to give them the unvarnished truth about their legal issues.

Attorneys provide solutions for commercial landlords

Our Georgia attorneys counsel local, national, and international property management firms in matters of:

  • Leases — Commercial real estate firms rely on our experience in the negotiation and drafting of leasesand all other related documents. We anticipate potential legal issues before they become problems.
  • Lease enforcement and collection— When a tenant fails to pay the rent or otherwise violates the lease, the Landlord needs a law firm that is experienced in enforcing leases and collecting on the awarded judgments.
  • Evictions — When the Landlord needs to remove a tenant from their property, we handle the entire eviction process for them.
  • Tenant bankruptcy — Bankruptcy triggers an automatic stay that halts creditors’ collection efforts of commercial tenants who file Bankruptcy, however, tenant must continue to pay rent if they continue to occupy the property. Our attorneys can help Landlords get rent paid and possession of their premises if a Tenant files Bankruptcy.
  • Variances— When strict compliance with a zoning ordinance or municipal code would interfere with Landlord’s plans for their property, our attorneys work hard to win a variance for them.
  • Commercial disputes — We are prepared to litigate Landlord’s breach of contract action, domesticate Landlord’s judgment, or pursue Landlord’s collection case.
  • Construction Liens — Whether Landlord needs assistance in recording a Materialmen’s Lien as an unpaid contractor or defending against one that has been recorded against the commercial property, our attorneys can assist the Landlord through the entire process.
  • Automobile Dealerships — Our firm represents multiple automobile dealerships across the Southeastern U.S. in all facets of their operations, and is able to assist with a litany of legal issues that dealerships face, including Auto Mechanic’s Lien foreclosure actions.


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