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Georgia Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Protect Landlords

Responsive support for your business real estate issues and commercial disputes

At Wiles & Wiles, LLP we have counseled, consulted and worked for Georgia and Florida real estate business owners for 32 years. Over the past quarter century, we have developed a reputation as “The Landlord’s Lawyer℠”. Our clients know that Wiles & Wiles, LLP is responsive to business pressures and that they can expect action in mere hours or days rather than being delayed for weeks or months.

Experienced lease negotiation, drafting, enforcement and collection

Our firm has recognized, reacted to and thrived in the best, and worst, of economic conditions. Our experience in a diversity of business climates permits us to think flexibly and dynamically in negotiating and drafting leases and other legal documents. If the landlord and tenant become involved in a dispute relating to the lease, we can help you in a broad array of actions including:

  • Responsibilities of landlords and tenants — Our firm can help your company understand and enforce the rights of a landlord and the responsibilities of each tenant. We can assist you in understanding whether your tenant’s request for repairs is reasonable and the steps, if any, you must take. Additionally we develop and implement plans of action to handle tenants who interfere with others’ use of the premises. Our guidance can help your company manage your problem tenants.
  • Evictions —Evictions are simply part of the business if you have a tenant who will not pay rent or vacate the premises after their lease has lapsed. Our attorneys efficiently handle the eviction process and pursue any damages you may be entitled to receive. We take well-considered, deliberate action to avoid converting the tenancy to one that gives the unwanted tenant additional rights or defenses to the eviction. Additionally, we ensure that all steps in the eviction comply with state and federal law to protect the owner from unnecessary additional litigation.
  • Variances —Many towns and counties have adopted zoning schemes that limit or prohibit certain structure features or uses. Some towns and counties restrict building height while others even prohibit the placement of an adequate business sign. Overly restrictive zoning can reduce the economic value of your property by prohibiting you from running your business efficiently. Our firm can represent your company to secure a variance for your business.

Whether you are negotiating or reviewing a lease with a trusted tenant or evicting a non-paying one, our firm can handle the entire process expediently.

Trusted guidance in securing variances and evictions

Serving clients in Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, Cobb County, Fulton County, DeKalb County, Clayton County, Gwinnett County, and throughout Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, the attorneys at Wiles & Wiles, LLP have dedicated themselves to protecting the rights of landlords. Call us today at 770.426.4619 or contact us online for guidance on your landlord-tenant law concern.


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