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Georgia Law Firm Handles Commercial Disputes

Responsive attorneys pursue your commercial claims

At Wiles & Wiles, LLP, we also handle disputes arising from commercial transactions. Regardless of your industry, our law firm is committed to ensuring that you get paid for your work. We file lawsuits against the non-paying party and obtain a judgment.  We then file garnishments to collect the judgment.

If I win a judgment, do I collect it automatically?

A judgment is a final decision by a court that entitles the prevailing party to damages. For example, a court can grant a judgment entitling a commercial landlord to past-due rent payments or to evict a tenant. However, even after winning a judgment, you still have to collect it. And you have a limited time to do so. A judgment is typically enforceable for only seven years in Georgia. After that time, the judgment is considered dormant.  To collect the Judgment, we file both wage and bank Garnishments.  We also can have the Sheriff levy on their personal property to satisfy the judgment.

Can I collect an out-of-state judgment in Georgia?

Georgia and most other states follow the Uniform Domestication of Judgment Act. Under the act, a judgment that was obtained in one state can be “domesticated,” or recorded, in the new state where the debtor lives.

The typical scenario when a domestication comes into play is as follows: A resident of State 1 wins a judgment against another resident of State 1 in a court in State 1. But before the judgment can be collected, the defendant moves from State 1 to State 2. The judgment holder now must domesticate the judgment in State 2 before it is enforceable in State 2.

The domestication of a judgment is much simpler and quicker than filing a new suit from scratch in the defendant’s new state. Also, the defendant will not get a second chance to argue the merits of the case, as it has already been reduced to a judgment.

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